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All therapists at Hope Landing have available to them the utilization of the equine; either mounted or unmounted interactions, which they can use to enhance treatment plans.  All therapists  have been exposed to the basics of equine safety and management to be able to use the horses safely during a therapy treatment session.  The horses are used as a tool by the therapist to work toward the child's established goals in their therapy plan of care.   Therapists work under their license (occupational, physical, or speech therapists) to provide treatment.  Treatment utilizing an equine, hippotherapy, is based on the child's therapy goals, and is provided by a licensed occupational, physical, or speech therapist.

The American Hippotherapy Association (AHA) provides training to enhance a therapist's skills when utilizing an equine for therapeutic purposes.  AHA has a Level 1 course and a Level 2 course which build upon treatment techniques and application of an equine following best practice guidelines.  Beyond Level 1 and Level 2 courses, therapists are eligible to sit for the Hippotherapy Board Certification examination.


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